Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Logo design rival

Project 3 - Logo design

Original Company Creator is responsible for completing their own logo for the company that they created.

Rival Company Creator is responsible for creating a company that competes with the corresponding original company for the same clients.  They conceive the rival company and act as an art director to the logo designer.  They may provide as little as a rough idea to their logo designer or they may provide sketches of their own.

Logo Designer is responsible for creating the logo for the Rival Company Creator and is required to treat this as a paying job and adhere to their art director’s instructions and vision.


Original                                               Rival                                     
Company                                              Company              Logo
Creator                                                Creator                 Designer                                              

Colton                                                    Luke                       Maysa
Mim                                                       Trista                      Emily
Kayla                                                     Colton                    Mary
Stephanie                                              Chris                       April
Chris                                                       Jason                      Rob
Luke                                                       Terri                        Anthony
Rob                                                        Kayla                     Stephanie
Emily                                                     Maysa                   Trista
Jason                                                      Mary                      Luke
Aubrey                                                  April                       Mim
Anthony                                                Aubrey                   Kayla
April                                                       Rob                        Chris
Terri                                                        Emily                     Aubrey
Maysa                                                   Anthony               Jason
Mary                                                      Mim                       Terri
Trista                                                      Stephanie              Colton

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Company Logos

For my company I went with a redneck animal control partnership called the Critter Catchin' Cousins. 
They're two top dollar middle school graduates from Bucksnort, TN. Critters get into peoples houses, yards, basements, and attics. Call the Critter Catchin Cousins and if it ain't too scary, we might maybe catch it. 

The logo on the bottom left is the one I would like to go with.