Tuesday, November 13, 2012


In your sketchbook, draw, in ink, 40 silhouettes of objects that are immediately recognizable. Select the fifteen you think are most interesting, and retrace them as pencil outlines. Now, draw completely different objects inside of them, making them conform to the silhouettes. For instance, if you drew the silhouette of an octopus, you might fill in the form as a flower, or a man with an unruly beard, or a dancer trailing ribbons, and so on. Strive for interesting resonances or contrasts between the "interior" images and the silhouettes. Can you create meaning by juxtaposing the silhouette with the interior image?

Select your three best silhouette/interior images, and execute them as finished, color images. Size should be approximately 8x10", and you may use any media you would like except digital.


One Hundred Circles
In your sketchbook draw one hundred 2” or 3” circles in pencil.  Color in these circles, using a different color for each of the one hundred circles.  Try to avoid repeats.  Using strong black lines (either a magic marker or brush and ink), add linear elements to these circles to make each circle into a different recognizable image.  Do not limit yourself to images that lend themselves to objects such as baseballs, planets, or balloons.  Think outside the box…or circle.